Psalm 64

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  Lord hear the voice of my complaint, 
       to my request give ear;
    Preserve my life from cruel foes,,
       and, save my soul from fear

 2  O hide me with thy tend'rest care
       in some secure retreat, 
    From sinners that against me rise,
       and all their plots defeat,

 3  See how, intent to work my harm,
       they whet their tongues like swords
    And bend their bows to shoot their darts,
       sharp lies and bitter words.

 4  Lurking in private, at the just
       they take their secret aim;
    And suddenly at him they shoot,
       quite void of fear and shame.

 5  To carry on their ill designs
       they mutually agree;
    They speak of laying private snares,
       and think that none :shall see.

 6  With utmost diligence and care
       their wicked plots they lay;
    The deep designs of all their hearts
       are only to betray.

 7  But God, to anger justly moved,
       his dreadful bow shall bend,
    And on his flying arrow's point
       shall swift destruction send.

 8  Those slanders, which their mouths did vent,
       upon themselves shall fall;
    Their crimes disclosed, shall make them be
       despised and shunned by all.

 9  The world shall then God's pow'r confess,
       and nations trembling stand,
    Convinced that 'tis the mighty work
       of his avenging hand.

10  Whilst righteous men, whom God secures,
       in him shall gladly trust;
    And all the list'ning earth shall hear
       loud triumphs of the just.

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