Psalm 66

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


1,2 Let all the lands with shouts of joy
       to God' their voices raise;
    Sing psalms in honor of his Name, 
       and spread his glorious praise.

 3  And let them say, How dreadful, Lord,
       in all thy works,art thou!
    To thy great pow'r, thy stubborn foes 
       shall all be forced to bow.

 4  Through, all the earth the nations round
       Shall thee their God confess;
    and with glad hymns their awful dread
       of thy; great Name express.

 5  O come, behold the works of God,
       and then with me you'll own,
    That he to all the sons of men
       has wondrous judgments shown.

 6  He made the sea become dry land,
       through which our fathers walked;
    Whilst to each other of his might
       with joy his people talked.

 7  He by his power for ever rules;
       his eyes the world survey;
    Let no presumptuous man rebel
       against his sov'reign sway.

  The Second Part.

8,9 O all ye nations, bless our God,
       and loudly speak his praise;
    Who keeps our soul alive, and still
       confirms our steadfast ways

10  For thou hast tried us, Lord, as fire, 
       does try the precious ore;
11  Thou brought'st us into straits, where we
       oppressing burdens bore.

12  Insulting foes did us, their slaves,
       through fire and water chase;
    But yet at last thou brought'st us forth
       into a wealthy place.

13  Burnt off'rings to thy house I'll bring,
       and there my vows I'll pay,
14  Which I with solemn zeal did make
       in trouble's dismal day.

15  Then shall the richest incense smoke,
       the fattest rams shall fall;
    The choicest goats from out the fold,
       and bullocks from the stall.

16  O come, all ye that fear the Lord,
       attend with heedful care;
    Whilst I, what God for me has done,
       with grateful joy declare.

18  As I before his aid implored,
       so now I praise his Name;
    Who, if my heart had harbored sin,
       would all my pray'rs disclaim.

19  But God to me, whene'er I cried,
       his gracious ear did bend;
    And to the voice of my request
       with constant love attend.

20  Then blessed for ever be my God,
       who never, when I Pray,
    Withholds his mercy from my soul,
       nor turns his face away.

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