Psalm 68

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  Let God, the God of battle rise,
    and scatter his presumptuous foes;
    Let shameful rout their host surprise,
    who spitefully his pow'r oppose.

 2  As smoke in tempest's rage is lost,
    or wax into the furnace cast,
    So let the sacrilegious host
    before his wrathful presence waste. 

 3  But let the servants of his will
    his favour's gentle beams enjoy;
    Their upright hearts let gladness fill,
    and cheerful songs their tongues employ.

 4  To him your voice in anthems raise,
    Jehovah's awful name he bears;
    In him rejoice, extol his praise,
    who rides upon high rolling spheres.

 5  Him, from his empire of the skies,
    to this low world compassion draws,
    The orphan's claim to patronize,
    and judge the injured widow's cause.

 6  'Tis God, who from a foreign soil
    restores poor exiles to their home,
    Makes captives free, and fruitless toil
    their proud oppressors' righteous doom.

 7  'Twas so of old, when thou didst lead
    in person, Lord, our armies forth,
    Strange terrors through the desert spread,
    convulsions shook th' astonished earth.

 8  The breaking clouds did rain distil, 
    and heav'n's high arches shook with fear;
    How then should Sinai's humble hill
    of Israel's God the presence bear.

 9  Thy hand, at famished earth's complaint,
    relieved her from celestial stores;
    And, when thy heritage was faint,
    asswaged the drought with plenteous show'rs,

l0  Where savages had ranged before,
    at ease thou mad'st our tribes reside
    And in the desert for the poor
    thy gen'rous bounty didst provide.

  The Second Part.

11  Thou gav'st the word, we sallied forth, 
    and in that pow'rful word o'ercame;
    While virgin troops, with songs of mirth,
    in state our conquest did proclaim.

12  Vast armies, by such gen'rals led,
    as yet had ne'er received a foil,
    Forsook their camp with sudden dread, 
    and to our women left the spoil.

13  Though Egypt's drudges you have been,
    your army's wings shall shine as bright
    As doves, in golden sunshine seen,
    or silvered o'er with paler light.

14  'Twas so, when God's almighty hand
    o'er scattered kings the conquest won;
    Our troops drawn up, on Jordan's strand,
    high Salmon's glitt'ring snow outshone.

15  From thence to Jordan's farther coast,
    and Bashan's hill we did advance;
    No more her height shall Bashan boast,
    but that she's God's inheritance.

16  But wherefore (though the honor's great)
    should this, O mountains, swell your pride,
    For Zion is his chosen seat,
    where he for ever will reside.

17  His chariots numberless, his pow'rs
    are heav'nly hosts that wait his will;
    His presence now fills Zion s tow rs,
    as once it honored Sinai's hill.

18  Ascending high in triumph thou
    captivity hast captive led,
    And on thy people didst bestow
    the spoil of armies, once their dread,

    E'en rebels shall partake thy grace,
    and humble proselytes repair
    To worship at thy dwelling-place,
    and all the world pay homage there.

19  For benefits each day bestowed,
    be daily his great Name, adored;
20  Who is our Savior and our God,
    of life and death the sovereign Lord.

21  But justice for his hardened foes
    proportioned vengeance hath decreed,
    To wound the hoary head of those
    who in presumptuous crimes proceed.

22  The Lord hath thus in thunder spoke:
    "As I subdued proud Bashan's king,
    "Once more I'll break my people's yoke,
    and from the deep my servants bring.

23  "Their feet shall with a crimson flood 
    of slaughtered foes be covered o'er;
    Nor earth receive such impious blood,
    but leave for dogs th' unhallowed gore."

  The Third Part. 

24  When marching to thy blest abode,
    the wond'ring multitude surveyed
    The pompous state of thee, our God,
    in robes of majesty arrayed;

25  Sweet-singing Levites led the van,
    loud instruments brought up the rear;
    Between both troops a virgin train
    With voice and timbrel charmed the ear.

26  This was the burden of their song,
    "in full assemblies bless the .Lord,
    "All, who to Israel's tribes belong,
    the God of Israel's praise record." 

27  Nor little Benjamin alone
    from neighb'ring bounds did there attend,
    Nor only Judah's nearer throne
    Her counselors instate did send;

    But Zebulon's remoter seat,
    and Naphtali's more distant coast,
    (The grand procession to complete,)
    sent up their, tribes, a princely host.

28  Thus God to strength and union brought 
    our tribes, at strife till that blest hour;
    This work, which thou, O God, hast wrought, 
    Confirm with fresh recruits of power.

29  To visit Salem, Lord, descend,
    and Zion thy terrestrial throne;
    Where kings with presents shall attend,
    and thee with offered crowns atone.

30  Break down the spearmen's ranks, who threat
    like pampered herds of savage might:
    Their silver armored chiefs defeat,
    Who in destructive war delight.

3l  Egypt shall then to God stretch forth 
    her hands, and Afric homage bring.
32  The scattered kingdoms of the earth
    their common Sov'reign s praises sing.

33  Who, mounted on the loftiest sphere
    of ancient heav'n sublimely rides;
    From whence his dreadful voice we hear,
    like that of warring winds and tides.

34  Ascribe ye pow'r to God most high,
    of humble Israel he takes care;
    Whose strength from out the dusky sky
    darts shining terrors through the air.

35  How dreadful are the sacred courts,
    where God has fixed his earthly throne!
    His strength his feeble saints supports;
    to God give praise, and him alone.

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