Psalm 71

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


1,2  In thee I put my steadfast trust, 
        defend me, Lord, from shame;
     Incline thine ear, and save my soul, 
        for righteous is thy Name.

  3  Be thou my strong abiding place,
        to which I may resort;
     'Tis thy decree that keeps me safe;
        thou art my rock and fort.

4,5  From cruel and ungodly men
        protect and set me free;
     For, from my earliest youth till now,
        my hope has been in thee.

 6   Thy constant care did safely guard
        my tender infant days;
     Thou took'st me from my mother's womb
        to sing thy constant praise.

7,8  While some on me with wonder gaze, 
        thy hand supports me still;
     Thy honor, therefore, and thy praise
        my mouth shall always fill.

 9   Reject not then thy servant, Lord,
        When I with age decay,
     Forsake me not when, worn with years,
        my vigor fades away.

10   My foes against my fame and me
        with crafty malice speak;
     Against my soul they lay their Snares,
        and mutual counsel take.

11   His God, say they, forsakes him now,
        on whom he did rely;
     Pursue and take him, whilst no hope
        of timely aid is nigh.

12   But thou, my God, withdraw not far,
        for speedy help I call
13   To shame and ruin bring my foes,
        that seek to work my fall

14   But as for me, my steadfast hope
        shall on thy pow'r depend
     And I in grateful songs of praise
        my time to come will spend.

  The Second Part.

15   Thy righteous acts and saving health
        my mouth shall still declare:
     Unable yet to count them all,
        though summed with utmost care,

16   While God vouchsafes me his support, 
        I'll in his strength go on;
     All other righteousness disclaim;
        and mention his alone.

17   Thou, Lord, hast taught me from my youth 
        to praise thy glorious Name;
     And ever since thy wondrous works
        have been my constant theme.

18   Then now forsake me not when I
        am gray and feeble grown,
     Till I to these, and future times,
        thy strength and pow'r have shown.

19   How high thy justice soars, O God ! 
        how great and wondrous are
     The mighty works which thou hast done! 
        who may with thee compare?

20   Me, whom thy hand has sorely pressed, 
        thy grace shall yet relieve,
     And from the lowest depth of woe
        with tender care retrieve.

21   Through thee, my time to come shall be 
        with pow'r and greatness crowned;
     And me, who dismal years have passed,
        thy comforts shall surround.

22   Therefore with psaltery and harp
        thy truth, O Lord, I'll praise;
     To thee, the God of Jacob's race,
        my voice in anthems raise.

23   Then joy shall fill my mouth, and songs
        employ my cheerful voice;
     My grateful soul, by thee redeemed,
        shall in thy strength rejoice.

24   My tongue thy just and righteous acts
        shall all the day proclaim;
     Because thou didst confound my foes,
        and brought'st them all to shame.

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