Psalm 72

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1   Lord, let thy just decrees the king
        in all his ways direct;
     And let his son, throughout his reign,
        thy righteous laws respect.

 2   So shall he still thy people judge
        with pure and upright mind,
     Whilst all the helpless poor shall him
        their just protector find.

 3   Then hills and mountains shall bring forth 
        the happy fruits of peace, 
     Which all the land shall own to be
        the work of righteousness;

 4   Whilst he the poor and needy race
        shall rule with gentle sway,
     And from their humble necks shall take
        oppressive yokes away.

 5   In ev'ry heart thy awful fear
        shall then be rooted fast,
     As long as sun and moon endure,
        or time itself shall last.

 6   He shall descend like rain that cheers
        the meadows' second birth,
     Or like warm show'rs, whose gentle drops
        refresh the thirsty earth.

 7   In his blest days the just and good
        shall be with favor crowned;
     The happy land shall every where
        with endless peace abound.

 8   His uncontrolled dominion shall
        from sea to sea extend,
     Begin at proud Euphrates' streams,
        at nature's limits end.

 9   To him the savage nations round
        shall bow their servile heads;
     His vanquished foes shall lick the dust,
        where he his conquest spreads.

10   The kings of Tarshish and the isles
        shall costly presents bring;
     From spicy Sheba gifts shall come,
        and wealthy Saba's king.

11   To him shall ev'ry king on earth
        his humble homage pay,
     And diff'ring nations gladly join
        to own his righteous sway.

12   For he shall set the needy free
        when they for succor cry.
     Shall save the helpless and the poor,
        and all their wants supply.

  The Second Part.

13   His providence for needy souls
        shall due supplies prepare;
     And over their defenseless 1Ives
        shall watch with tender care,

14   He shall preserve and keep their souls
        from fraud and rapine free, 
     And in his sight their guiltless blood
        of mighty price shall be.

15   Therefore shall God his life and reign 
        to many years extend,
     While eastern princes tribute pay,
        and golden presents send.

     For him shall constant pray'rs be made
        through all his prosp'rous days;
     His just dominion shall afford
        a lasting theme of praise.

16   Of useful grain, through all the land,
        great plenty shall appear;
     A handful sown on mountain tops
        a mighty crop shall bear.

     Its fruit, like cedars shook by winds,
        a rattling noise shall yield;
     The city too shall thrive, and vie
        for plenty with the field.

17   The mem'ry of his glorious Name
        through endless years shall ruin;
     His spotless fame shall shine as bright
        and lasting as the sun.

     In him the nations of the world
        shall be completely blessed,
     And his unbounded happiness
        by ev'ry tongue confessed.

18   Then blessed be God, the mighty Lord, 
        the God whom Israel fears;
     Who only wondrous in his works .
        beyond compare appears.

19   Let earth be with his glory filled,
        and ever bless his Name;
     Whilst to his praise the list'ning world
        their glad assent proclaim.

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