Psalm 73

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1    At length, by certain proofs, 'tis plain 
      that God will to his saints be kind
      That all whose heart's are pure and clean 
      shall his protecting favor find,

2,3   Till this sustaining truth I knew,
      my stagg'ring feet had almost failed;
      I grieved the sinner's wealth to view,
      and envied when the fools prevailed.

4,5   They to the grave in peace descend, 
      and whilst they live are hale and strong;
      No plague or troubles them offend,
      which oft to other men belong.

6,7   With pride, as with a chain, they're held, 
      and rapine seems their robe of state;
      Their eyes stand out, with fatness swelled, 
      they grow beyond their wishes great.

8,9   With hearts corrupt, and lofty talk, 
      oppressive methods they defend;
      Their tongue through all the earth does walk, 
      their blasphemies to Heav'n ascend.

10    And yet admiring crowds are found, 
      who servile visits duly make,
      Because with plenty they abound,
      of which their flatt'ring slaves partake.

11    Their fond opinions these pursue,
      till they with them profanely cry,
      "How should the Lord our actions view,
      can he perceive who dwells so high?"

12    Behold the wicked! these are they
      who openly their sins profess;
      And yet their wealth's increased each day, 
      and all their actions meet success.

13,14 Then have I cleansed my heart, said l, 
      and washed my hands from guilt in vain,
      If all the day oppressed I lie,
      and every morning suffer pain.

15    Thus did I once to speak intend;
      but, if such things I rashly say,
      Thy children, Lord; I must offend,
      and basely should their cause betray,

   The Second Part.

16,17 To fathom this my thoughts I bent, 
      but found the case too hard for me;
      Till to the house of God I went,
      then I their end did plainly see.

18    How high soe'er advanced, they all
      on slipp'ry places loosely, stand;
      Thence into ruin headlong fall,
      cast down by thy avenging hand.

19,20 How dreadful and how quick their fate!
      Despised by thee when they're destroyed;
      As waking men. with scorn do treat
      the fancies that their dreams employed.

21,22 Thus was my heart with grief oppressed, 
      my dreams were racked with restless pains;
      So stupid was I, like a beast,,
      who no reflecting thought retains.

23,24 Yet still thy presence me; supplied, 
      and thy right hand assistance gave:
      Thou first shalt with thy counsel guide, 
      and then to glory me receive.

25    Whom then in heav'n, but thee alone, 
      have I, whose favor I require
      Throughout the spacious earth there's none 
      that I besides thee can desire.

26    My trembling flesh and acing heart 
      may often fail to, succor me,
      But God shall inward strength impart,
      And my eternal portion be.

27    For they that far from thee remove,
      shall into sudden ruin fall;
      If after other gods they rove,
      thy vengeance shall destroy them all.

28    But as for me, 'tis good and just
      that I should still to God repair;
      In him I always put my trust,
      and will His wondrous works declare.

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