Psalm 74

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1   Why hast thou cast us off, O God?
        wilt thou no more return?
     O why against thy chosen flock
        does thy fierce anger burn?

 2   Think on thy ancient purchase, Lord,
        the land that is thy own;
     By thee redeemed, and Zion's mount,
        where once thy glory shone.

 3   O come, and view our ruined state!
        how long our troubles last!
     See how the foe, with wicked rage,
        has laid thy temple waste.

 4   Thy foes blaspheme thy Name, where late 
        thy zealous servants prayed;
     The heathen there, with haughty pomp, 
        their banners have displayed.

5,6  Those curious carvings, which did once 
        advance the artist's fame,
     With ax and hammer they destroy,
        like works of vulgar frame.

 7   Thy holy temple they have burnt:
        and what escaped the flame
     Has been profaned, and quite defaced,
        though sacred to thy Name.

 8   Thy worship wholly to destroy
        maliciously they aimed;
     And all the sacred places burned,
        where we thy praise proclaimed.

 9   Yet of thy presence thou vouchsaf'st
        no tender signs to send;
     We have no prophet now, that knows
        When this sad state shall end.

  The Second Part.

10   But, Lord, how long wilt thou permit 
        th' insulting foe to boast?
     Shall all the honor of thy Name
        for evermore be lost?

11   Why holdst thou back thy strong right hand, 
        and on thy patient breast,
     When vengeance calls to stretch it forth,
        so calmly lett'st it rest?

12   Thou heretofore, with kingly pow'r,
        in our defense hast fought;
     For us, throughout the wond'ring world,
        hast great salvation wrought.

13   'Twas thou, O God, that didst the sea 
        by thy own strength divide;
     Thou brak'st the wat'ry monster's head,
        the waves o'erwhelmed their pride.

14   The greatest, fiercest of them all,
        that seemed the deep to sway,
     Was by thy pow'r destroyed, and made
        to savage beasts a prey.

15   Thou clav'st the solid rock, and mad'st 
        the waters largely flow;
     Again thou mad'st through parting streams 
        thy wond'ring people go.

16   Thine is the cheerful day, and thine
        the black return of night;
     Thou hast prepared the glorious sun,
        and ev'ry feebler light:

17   By thee the borders of the earth
        in perfect order stand;
     The summer's warmth, and winter's cold,
        attend on thy command.

  The Third Part.

18   Remember, Lord, how scornful foes
        have daily urged our shame;
     And how the foolish people have
        blasphemed thy holy Name.

19   O free thy mourning turtle-dove,
        by sinful crowds beset;
     Nor the assembly of thy poor
        forevermore forget.

20   Thy ancient covenant, Lord, regard,
        and make thy promise good;
     For now each corner of the land
        is filled with men of blood.

21   O let not the oppressed return
        with sorrow clothed and shame;
     But let the helpless and the poor
        for ever praise thy Name.

22   Arise, O God, in our behalf,
        thy cause and ours maintain;
     Remember how insulting fools
        Each day thy Name profane!

23   Make thou the boastings of thy foes
        for evermore to cease;
     Whose insolence, if unchastised,
        Will more and more increase.

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