Psalm 75

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1   To thee, O God, we render praise,
        to thee with thanks repair;
     For that thy Name to us is nigh,
        thy wondrous works declare.

 2   In Israel when my throne is fixed,
        with me shall justice reign:
 3   The land with discord shakes, but I
        the sinking frame sustain.

 4   Deluded wretches I advised
        their errors to redress,
     And warned bold sinners, that they should
        their swelling pride suppress.

 5   Bear not yourselves so high, as if
        no pow'r could yours restrain;
     Submit your stubborn necks, and learn
        to speak with less disdain.

 6   For that promotion, which to gain
        your vain ambition strives,
     From neither east, nor west, nor yet
        from southern climes arrives.

 7   For God the great disposer is,
        and sov'reign Judge alone,
     Who casts the proud to earth, and lifts
        the humble to a throne.

 8   His hand holds forth a dreadful cup,
        with purple wine 'tis crowned;
     The deadly mixture, which his wrath
        deals out to nations round.

     Of this his saints sometimes may taste;
        but wicked men shall squeeze
     The bitter dregs, and be condemned
        to drink the very lees.

 9   His prophet, I to all the world
        this message will relate;
     The justice then of Jacob's God
        my song shall celebrate.

10   The wicked's pride I will reduce,
        their cruelty, disarm;
     Exalt the just, and seat him high,
        above the reach of harm.

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