Psalm 76

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

L.M. (888 888)
Note rhyme scheme -- most 88 88 88 tunes will not work well with these words, they really need tunes like:
  "Old 113th" Matthäus Greiter (1500-1552)
  "Nashville" Lowell Mason, c1745, from a Gregorian Chant

 1   In Judah the Almighty's known, 
     (Almighty there by wonders shown,)
        His Name in Jacob does excel ;
 2   His sanctuary in Salem stands;
     the Majesty that heav'n commands
        In Zion condescends to dwell.

 3   He brake the bow and arrows there, 
     the shield, the tempered sword, and spear,
        There slain the mighty army lay;
 4   Whence Zion's fame through earth is spread, 
     of greater glory, greater dread,
        Than hills where robbers lodge their prey.

 5   Their valiant chiefs, who came for spoil, 
     themselves met there a shameful foil;
        Securely down to sleep, they lay:
     But waked no more; their stoutest band 
     Ne'er lifted one resisting hand
        'Gainst his, that did their legions slay.

 6   When Jacob's God began to frown, 
     both horse and charioteers o'erthrown
        Together slept in endless night.
 7   When thou, whom earth and heav'n revere, 
     dost once with wrathful look appear,
        What mortal pow'r can stand thy sight?

 8   Pronounced from henv'n, earth heard its doom; 
     grew hushed with fear, when thou did'st come,
 9      The meek with justice to restore:
10   The wrath of man shall yield thee praise; 
     its last attempts but serve to raise
        The triumphs of Almighty pow'r.

1l   Vow to the Lord, ye nations; bring
     vowed presents to th' eternal King.;
        Thus to his Name due rev'rence pay:
12   Who proudest potentates can quell; 
     to earthly kings more terrible,
        Than to their trembling subjects they.

These are currently the only two tunes we have that fit this metre and rhyme scheme, but there are many other Psalm and hymn words that use this metre and rhyme scheme. If you know of any other tunes that would work. leave feedback or send email --

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