Psalm 81

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

Common Metre Tunes

 1  To God, our never-failing strength,
       with loud applauses sing;
    And jointly make a cheerful noise
       to Jacob's awful King.

 2  Compose a hymn of praise, and touch
       your instruments of joy
    Let psalteries and pleasant harps
       your grateful skill employ.

 3  Let trumpets at the great new moon
       their joyful voices raise,
    To celebrate th' appointed time,
       the solemn day of praise.

 4  For this a statute was of old,
       which Jacob's God decreed.
    To be with pious care observed
       by Israel's chosen seed.

 5  This he for a memorial fixed,
       when freed from Egypt's land;
    Strange nations' barb'rous speech we heard,
       but could not understand.

 6  "Your burdened shoulders I relieved,
       (thus seems our God to say,)
    Your servile hands by me were freed
       from lab'ring in the clay.

 7  "Your ancestors, with wrongs oppressed,
       to me for aid did call;
    With pity I their suff'rings saw,
       and set them free from all.

    "They sought for me, and from the cloud
       in thunder I replied;
    At Meriba's contentious stream
       their faith and duty tried.
The Second Part
 8  "While I my solemn will declared,
       my chosen people, hear:
    if thou, O Israel, to my words
       wilt lend thy list'ning ear;

 9  "Then shall no god besides myself
       within thy coasts be found;
    Nor shalt thou worship any god
       of all the nations round.

10  "The Lord thy God am I, who thee
       brought forth from Egypt's land:
    Tis I that all thy just desires
       supply with lib'ral hand."

11  But they, my chosen race, refused
       to hearken to my voice;
    Nor would rebellious Israel's sons
       make me their happy choice.

12  So I, provoked, resigned them up
       to every lust a prey,
    And in their own perverse designs
       permitted them to stray.

13  O that my people wisely would
       my just commandments heed!
    And Israel in my righteous ways
       with pious care proceed!

14  Then should my heavy judgements fall
       on all that them o9ppose,
    And my avenging hand be turned
       against their num'rous foes.

15  Their enemies and mine should all
       before my footstool bend;
    But as for them, their happy state
       should never know an end.

16  All parts with plenty should abound;
       with finest wheat their field:
    The barren rocks, to please their taste,
       should richest honey yield.

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