Psalm 82

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1   God in the great assembly stands,
        where his impartial eye
     In state surveys the earthly gods,
        and does their judgments try.

2,3  How dare you then unjustly judge,
        or be to sinners kind?
     Defend the orphans and the poor,
        let such your justice find.

 4   Protect the humble helpless man,
        reduced to deep distress,
     And let not him become a prey
        to such as would oppress. 

 5   They neither know, nor will they learn,
        but blindly rove and stray;
     Justice and truth, the world's support,
        through all the land decay.

 6   Well then might God in anger say,
        "I've called you by my Name;
     "I've said, Y'are gods, the sons and heirs
        of my immortal fame.

 7   "But ne'ertheless your unjust deeds
        to strict account I'll call;
     "You all shall die like common men,
        like other tyrants fall."

 8   Arise, and thy just judgments, Lord,
        throughout the earth display;
     And all the nations of the world
        shall own thy righteous sway.

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