Psalm 83

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1   Hold not thy peace, O Lord our God, 
        no longer silent be;
     Nor with consenting quiet looks
        our ruin calmly see.

 2   For 1o! the tumults of thy foes
        o'er all the land are spread;
     And those who hate thy saints and thee
        lift up their threat'ning head.

 3   Against thy zealous people, Lord,
        they craftily combine;
     And to destroy thy chosen saints
        have laid their close design.

 4   "Come, let us cut them off, say they,
        their nation quite deface;
     "That no remembrance may remain
        of Israel's hated race."

 5   Thus they against thy people's peace
        consult with one consent;
     And diff'ring nations, jointly leagued,
        their common malice vent.

 6   The Ishmaelites, that dwell in tents,
        with warlike Edom joined,
     And Moab's sons our ruin vow,
        with Hagar's race combined.

 7   Proud Ammon's offspring, Gebal too,
        with Amalek conspire;
     The lords of Palestine, and all
        the wealthy sons of Tyre.

 8   All these the strong Assyrian king
        their firm ally have got;
     Who with a pow'rful army aids
        th' incestuous race of Lot.

   The Second Part. 

 9   But let such vengeance come to them,
        as once to Midian came;
     To Jabin and proud Sisera,
        at Kishon's fatal stream.

10   When thy right hand their num'rous hosts 
        near Endor did confound;
     And left their carcases for dung
        to feed the hungry ground.

11   Let all their mighty men the fate
        of Zeb and Oreb share;
     As Zeba and Zalmuuna, so
        let all their princes fare.

12   Who, with the same design inspired,
        thus vainly boasting spake,
     "In firm possession for ourselves '
        let us God's houses take."

13   To ruin let them haste, like wheels
        which downwards swiftly move;
     Like chaff before the winds, let all
        their scattered forces prove.

     As flames consume dry wood or heath 
        that on parched mountains grows,
     So let thy fierce pursuing wrath
        with terror strike thy foes.

     Lord, shroud their faces with disgrace, 
        that they may own thy Name; 
     Or them confound, whose hardened hearts 
        thy gentler means disclaim.

18   So shall the wond'ring world confess, 
        that thou, who claim'st alone
     Jehovah's Name, o'er all the earth
        hast raised thy lofty throne.

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