Psalm 84

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


  1  God of hosts, the mighty Lord,
        how lovely is the place,
     Where thou, enthroned in glory, shew'st 
        the brightness of thy face!

  2  My longing soul faints With desire
        to view thy blest abode;
     My panting heart and flesh cry out
        for thee, the living God.

  3  The birds, more happy far than I,
        around thy temple throng;
     Securely there they build, and there
        securely hatch their young.

  4  O Lord of hosts, my King and God,
        how highly blest are they,
     Who in thy temple always dwell,
        and there thy praise display!

  5  Thrice happy they, whose choice has thee
        their sure protection made;
     Who long to tread the sacred ways
        that to thy dwelling lead!

  6  Who pass through Baca's thirsty vale,
        yet no refreshment want;
     Their pools are filled with rain, which thou
        at their request dost grant.

  7  Thus they proceed from strength to strength, 
        and still approach more near,
     Till all on Zion's holy mount
        before their God appear.

  8  O Lord, the mighty God of hosts,
        my just request regard;
     Thou God of Jacob, let my pray'r
        be still with favor heard.

  9  Behold, O God, for thou alone ,
        canst timely aid dispense;
     On thy anointed servant look,
        be thou his strong defense:

 10  For in thy courts one single day
        'tis better to attend,
     Than, Lord, in any place besides
        a thousand days to spend.

 11  Much rather in God's house will I
        the meanest office take;
     Than in the wealthy tents of sin
        my pompous dwelling make.

 12  For God, Who is our sun and shield,
        will grace and glory give;
     And no good thing will he withhold
        from them that justly live.

 13  Thou God, whom heav'nly hosts obey,
        how highly blest is he,
     Whose hope and trust, securely placed,
        is still reposed on thee.

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