Psalm 85

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


  1   Lord, thou hast granted to thy land
         the favors we implored,
      And faithful Jacob s captive race
         hast graciously restored.

2,3   Thy people's sins thou hast absolved,
         and all their guilt defaced;
      Thou hast not let thy wrath flame on,
         nor thy fierce anger last.

  4   O God our Savior, all our hearts
         to thy obedience turn;
      That, quenched with our repenting tears,
         thy wrath no more may burn.

5,6   For why should'st thou be angry still, 
         and wrath so long retain?
      Revive us, Lord, and let thy saints
         thy wonted comfort gain.

  7   Thy gracious favor, Lord, display,
         which we have long implored;
      And, for thy wondrous mercy's sake,
         thy wonted aid afford.

  8   God's answer patiently I'll wait;
         for he with glad success,
      (If they no more to folly turn,)
         his mourning saints will bless.

  9   To all that fear his holy Name
         his sure salvation's near;
      And in its former happy state
         our nation shall appear.

 16   For mercy now with truth is joined,
         and righteousness with peace,
      Like kind companions absent long,
         with friendly arms embrace.

ll,12 Truth from the earth shall spring, whilst heav,n
         shall streams of justice pour;
      And God, from whom all goodness flows, 
         shall endless plenty show'r.

 13   Before him righteousness shall march, 
         and his just paths prepare;
      Whilst we his holy steps pursue,
         with constant zeal and care.

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