Psalm 86

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


  1  To my complaint, O Lord my God,
        thy gracious ear incline;
     Hear me, distressed and destitute
        of all relief but thine!

  2  Do thou, O God, preserve my soul,
        that does thy Name adore;
     Thy servant keep, and him, whose trust
        relies on thee, restore.

  3  To me, who daily thee invoke,
        thy mercy, Lord, extend;
  4  Refresh thy servant's soul, whose hopes 
        on thee alone depend.

  5  Thou, Lord, art good; nor only good,
        but prompt to pardon too;
     Of plenteous mercy to all those
        who for thy mercy sue.

  6  To my repeated humble pray'r,
        O Lord, attentive be;
  7  When troubled I on thee will call,
        for thou wilt answer me.

  8  Among the gods there's none like thee,
        O Lord, alone divine!
     To thee as much inferior they,
        as are their works to thine.

  9  Therefore their great creator thee,
        the nation shall adore,
     Their long misguided pray'rs and praise
        to thy blest Name restore.

 10  All shall confess thee great, and great
        the wonders thou hast done:
     Confess thee God, the God supreme;
        confess thee God alone.

   The Second Part. 

 11  Teach me thy way, O Lord, and I
        from truth shall ne'er depart;
     In rev'rence to thy sacred Name
        devoutly fix my heart.

 12  Thee will I praise, O Lord my God,
        praise thee with heart sincere,
     And to thy everlasting Name
        eternal trophies rear.

 13  Thy boundless mercies shown to me
        transcend my pow'r to tell,
     For thou hast oft redeemed my soul
        from lowest depths of hell.

 14  O God, the sons of pride and strife
        have my destruction sought,
     Regardless of thy pow r, that oft
        has my deliv'rance wrought.

 15  But thou thy constant goodness didst
        to my assistance bring;
     Of patience, mercy, and of truth,
        thou everlasting spring!

 16  O bounteous Lord, thy grace and strength 
        to me thy servant show;
     Thy kind protection, Lord, on me,
        thine handmaid's son, bestow.

 17  Some signal give, which my proud foes 
        may see with shame and rage,
     When thou, O Lord, for my relief
        and comfort dost engage.

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