Psalm 87

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

L.M.   88, 88, 88

  1  God's temple crowns the holy mount, 
        the Lord there condescends to dwell;
  2  His Zion's gates, in his account, 
        our Israel's fairest tents excel.
  3  Fame glorious things of thee shall sing, 
        O city of th' Almighty King! 

  4  I'll mention Rahab with due praise,
        in Babylon's applause's join,
     The fame of Ethiopia raise,
        with that of Tyre and Palestine;
     And grant that some amongst them born
        their age and country did adorn,

5,6  But still of Zion I'll aver,
        that many such from her proceed;
     Th' Almighty shall establish her:
        the gen'ral list shall show, when read,
     That such a person there was born,
        and such did such an age adorn.

  7  He'll Zion find with numbers filled
        of such as merit high renown;
     For hand and voice musicians skilled,
        and (her transcending fame to crown)
     Of such she shall successions bring,
        like Waters from a living spring.  

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