Psalm 89

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


  1  Thy mercies, Lord, shall be my song, 
     my song on them shall ever dwell;
     To ages yet unborn my tongue
     thy never-failing truth shall tell.

  2  I have affirmed, and still maintain,
     thy mercy shall for ever last;
     Thy truth, that does the heav'ns sustain,
     like them shall stand for ever fast.

  3  Thus spak'st thou by the prophet's voice, 
     "With David I a league have made;
     "To him, my servant and my choice,
     by solemn oath this grant conveyed:

  4  "While earth, and seas, and skies endure, 
     thy seed shall in my sight remain;
     To them thy throne I will insure;
     they shall to endless ages reign."

  5  For such stupendous truth and love
     both heav'n and earth just praises owe,
     By choirs of angels sung above,
     and by assembled saints below.

  6  What seraph of celestial birth
     to vie with Israel's God shall dare?
     Or who among the gods of earth
     with our Almighty Lord compare?

  7  With rev'rence and religious dread
     his saints should to his temple press;
     His fear through all their hearts should spread, 
     who his Almighty Name confess.

  8  Lord God of armies, who can boast
     of strength or pow'r, like thine renowned?
     Of such a num'rous faithful host,
     as that which does thy throne surround.

  9  Thou dost the lawless sea control,
     and change the prospect of the deep;
     Thou mak'st the sleeping billows roll;
     Thou mak'st the rolling billows sleep.

 10  Thou brak'st in pieces Rahab's pride,
     and did'st oppressing pow'r disarm;
     Thy scattered foes have dearly tried
     the force of thy resistless arm.

 11  In thee the sov'reign right remains
     of earth and heav'n; thee, Lord, alone,
     The world, and all that it contains,
     their maker and preserver own.

 12  The poles on which the globe doth rest 
     were formed by thy creating voice;
     Tabor and Hermon, east and west,
     in thy sustaining pow'r rejoice.

 13  Thy arm is mighty, strong thy hand,
     yet, Lord, thou dost with justice reign;
 14  Possessed of absolute command,
     thou truth and mercy dost maintain.

 15  Happy, thrice happy they who hear 
     thy sacred trumpet's joyful sound;
     Who may at festivals appear,
     with thy most glorious presence crowned!

 16  Thy saints shall always be o'erjoyed,
     who on thy sacred Name rely;
     And, in thy righteousness employed,
     above their foes be raised on high.

 17  For in thy strength they shall advance, 
     whose conquests from thy favor spring;
 18  The Lord of hosts is our defense,
     and Israel's God our Israel's King.

 19  Thus spak'st thou by the prophet's voice: 
     "A mighty champion I will send;
     From Judah's tribe have I made choice 
     of one who shall the rest defend."

 20  "My servant David I have found,
     with holy oil anointed him;
 21  Him shall the hand support that crowned, 
     and guard that gave the diadem."

 22  "No prince from him shall tribute force, 
     no son of strife shall him annoy;
 23  His spiteful foes I will disperse,
     and them before his face destroy."

 24  "My truth and grace shall him sustain; 
     his armies, in well ordered ranks,
 25  Shall conquer from the Tyrian main, 
     to Tigris and Euphrates' banks."

 26  "Me for his father he shall take,
     his God and rock of safety call;
 27  Him I my first-born son will make,
     and earthly kings his subjects all."

 28  "To him my mercy I'll secure,
     my cov'nant make for ever fast:
 29  His seed for ever shall endure;
     his throne, till heav'n dissolves, shall last."

   The Second Part.

 30  "But if his heirs my law forsake,
     and from my sacred precepts stray;
 31  If they my righteous statutes break,
     nor strictly my commands obey:"

 32  "Their sins I'll visit with a rod,
     and for their folly make them smart;
 33  Yet will not cease to be their God,
     nor from my truth, like them, depart."

 34  "My cov'nant I will ne'er revoke,
     but in remembrance fast retain:
     The thing that once my lips have spoke
     shall in eternal force remain."

 35  "Once have I sworn, but once for all, 
     and made my holiness the tie,
     That I my grant will ne'er recall,
     nor to my servant David lie."

 36  "Whose throne and race the constant sun 
     shall, like his course, established see;
 37  Of this my oath, thou conscious moon, 
     in heav'n my faithful witness be."

 38  Such was thy gracious promise, Lord; 
     but thou hast now our tribes forsook;
     Thy own anointed hast abhorred,
     and turned on him thy wrathful look.

 39  Thou seemest to have rendered void
     the cov'nant with thy servant made;
     Thou hast his dignity destroyed,
     and in the dust his honor laid,

 40  Of strong holds thou hast him bereft,
     and brought his bulwarks to decay;
 41  His frontier coasts defenseless left,
     a public scorn and common prey.

 42  His ruin does glad triumphs yield
     to foes advanced by thee to might;
 43  Thou hast his conqu'ring sword unsteeled, 
     his valor turned to shameful flight.

 44  His glory is to darkness fled, 
     his throne is leveled with the ground; 
 45  His youth to wretched bondage led, 
     with shame o'erwhelmed and sorrow drowned.

 46  How long shall we thy absence mourn 
     wilt thou for ever, Lord, retire?
     Shall thy consuming anger burn,
     till that and we at once expire?

 47  Consider, Lord, how short a space
     thou dost for mortal life ordain;
     No method to prolong the race,
     but loading it With grief and pain.

 48  What man is he that can control
     death's strict unalterable doom?
     Or rescue from the grave his soul,
     the grave that must mankind entomb?

 49  Lord, where's thy love, thy boundless grace, 
     the oath to which thy truth did seal,
     Consigned to David and his race,
     the grant which time should ne'er repeal!

 50  See how thy servants treated are
     with infamy reproach, and spite;
     Which in my silent breast I bear
     from nations of licentious might.

 51  How they, reproaching thy great Name, 
     have made thy servant's hope their jest,
 52  Yet thy just praises we'll proclaim, 
     and ever sing, "The Lord be blest." 

					Amen, Amen.

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