Psalm 90

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  O Lord the savior and defense
       of us thy chosen race,
    From age to age thou still hast been
       our sure abiding place.

 2  Before thou brought'st the mountains forth,
       or th' earth and world didst frame,
    Thou always were the mighty God,
       and ever art the same.

 3  Thou turnest man, O Lord, to dust,
       of which he first was made;
    And when thou speak'st the word, "Return," 
       'tis instantly obey'd.

 4  For in thy sight a thousand years
       are like a day that's past,
    Or like a watch in dead of night,
       whose hours un-minded waste.

 5  Thou sweep'st us off as with a flood,
       we vanish hence like dreams;
    At first we grow like grass that feels
       the sun's reviving beams:

 6  But howsoever fresh and fair
       its morning beauty shows;
    'Tis all cut down and withered quite
       before the ev'ning close. 
7,8 We by thine anger are consumed,
       and by thy wrath dismayed:
    Our public crimes and secret sins
       before thy sight are laid. 
 9  Beneath thy anger's sad effects
       our drooping days we spend;
    Our un-regarded years break off,
       like tales that quickly end. 
10  Our term of life is seventy years,
       an age that few survive;
    But if, with more than common strength,
       to eighty we arrive;

    Yet then our boasted strength decays,
       to sorrow turned, and pain:
    So soon the slender thread is cut,
       and we no more remain.

	The Second Part.

11  But who thy anger's dread effects
       does, as he ought, revere?
    And yet thy wrath does fall or rise,
       as more or less we fear.

12  So teach us, Lord, th' uncertain sum
       of our short days to mind,
    That to true wisdom all our hearts
       may ever be inclined.

13  O to thy servants, Lord, return,
       and speedily relent!
    As we of our misdeeds, do thou
       of our just doom repent.

14  To satisfy and cheer our souls
       thy early mercy send;
    That we may all our days to come
       in joy and comfort spend.

15  Let happy times, with large amends,
       dry up our former tears,
    Or equal at tile least the term
       of our afflicted years.

16  To all thy servants, Lord, let this
       thy wondrous work be known,
    And to our offspring yet unborn
       thy glorious pow'r be shown.

17  Let thy bright rays upon us shine;
       give thou our work success:
    The glorious work we have in hand
        do thou vouchsafe to bless.

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