Psalm 97

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  Jehovah reigns, let all the earth
       in his just government rejoice;
    O Let all the isles, with sacred mirth,
       in his applause unite their Voice.

 2  Darkness and clouds of awful shade
       his dazzling glory shroud in state,
    Justice and truth his guards are made,
       and, fixed by his pavilion, wait.

 3  Devouring fire before his face
       his foes around with vengeance struck;
 4  His lightnings set the world on blaze;
       earth saw it, and with terror shook,

 5  The proudest hills his presence felt, 
       their height nor strength could help afford;
    The proudest hills like wax did melt
       in presence of th' Almighty Lord.

 6  The heav'ns, his righteousness to show, 
       with storms of fire our foes pursued;
    And all the trembling world below
       have his descending glory viewed.

 7  Confounded be their impious hosts,
       who make the gods to whom they pray;
    All who of pageant idols boast,
       to him, ye gods, your worship pay.

 8  Glad Zion of thy triumph heard,
       and Judah's daughters were o'erjoyed
    Because thy righteous judgments, Lord,
       Have Pagan pride and pow'r destroyed.

 9  For thou, O God, art seated high,
       above earth's potentates enthroned;
    Thou, Lord, unrivalled in the sky,
       supreme by all the gods art owned.

10  You, who to serve this Lord aspire,
       abhor what's ill, and truth esteem;
    He'll keep his servants' souls entire,
       and them from wicked hands redeem,

11  For seeds are sown of glorious light,
       a future harvest for the just;
    And gladness for the heart that's right,
       to recompense its pious trust,

12  Rejoice, ye righteous, in the Lord:
       memorials of his holiness
    Deep in your faithful breasts record,
       and with your thankful tongues confess,  

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