Psalm 98

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  Sing to the Lord a new made song,
       who wondrous things has done;
    With his right hand and holy arm
       the conquest he has won.

 2  The Lord has through th' astonish'd world 
       displayed his saving might,
    And made his righteous acts appear
       in all the heathen's sight.

 3  Of Israel's house his love and truth
       have ever mindful been;
    Wide earth's remotest parts the pow'r
       of Israel's God have seen.

 4  Let therefore earth's inhabitants
       their cheerful voices raise,
    And all with universal joy
       resound their Maker's praise.

 5  With harp and hymn's soft melody
       into the concert bring
 6  The trumpet and shrill cornet's sound,
       before th' Almighty King.

 7  Let the loud ocean roar her joy,
       with all that seas contain;
    The earth and her inhabitants
       join concert with the main.

 8  With joy let riv'lets swell to streams,
       to spreading torrents they;
    And echoing vales from hill to hill
       redoubled shouts convey;

 9  To welcome down the world's great Judge, 
       who does with justice come,
    And with impartial equity
       both to reward and doom.

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