Psalm 99

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  Jehova reigns, let therefore all, 
       the guilty nations quake:
    On cherubs wings he sits enthroned; 
       let earth's foundations shake.

 2  On Zion's hill he keeps his court,
       his palace makes her tow'rs;
    Yet thence his sov'reignty extends
       supreme o'er earthly pow'rs,

 3  Let therefore all with praise address
       his great and dreadful Name;
    And with his unresisted might
       his holiness proclaim.

 4  For truth and justice in his reign
       of strength and pow'r take place;
    His judgments are with righteousness
       dispensed to Jacob's race.

 5  Therefore exalt the Lord our God,
       before his footstool fall;
    And with his unresisted might
       his holiness extol.

 6  Moses and Aaron thus of old
       among his priests adored;
    Among his prophets Samuel thus
       his sacred Name implored.

    Distressed, upon the Lord they called,
       who ne'er their suit denied;
    But, as with rev'rence they implored,
       he graciously replied;

 7  For with their camp, to guide their march, 
       the cloudy pillar moved:
    They kept his laws, and to his will
       obedient servants proved.

 8  He answered them, forgiving oft.
       his people for their sake;
    And those who rashly them opposed,
       did sad examples make.

 9  With worship at his sacred courts
       exalt our God and Lord;
    For he, who only holy is,
       alone should be adored.

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