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Psalm 32       T.S.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Music: We do not know what tune was popular with this version when it was published, but here are three tunes that are contemporary to that time, two of which came from Day's Psalter (another name for the Sternhold and Hopkins Psalter).
        The tunes are generally slow and "syllabic" -- ie. one note and only one note for each syllable. This was the norm because most congregations could not sing anything more complex. It is hard to imagine, but they would sing the entire Psalm, not just a few verses, at these slow tempos.
        There is a link to our Common Metre index at the bottom of this page if you would like to try some other tunes with these words. .


   "Moravia", Nickolas Hernamn, c 1561
   "St. Flavian", Day's Psalter, 1562 Here's a faster version.
  "Old 81st", Day's Psalter, 1562.
Note: this is a CMD tune and we have sped up the tempo a little bit.
 1  The man is blest, whose wickedness
       the Lord forgiven hath;
    And he whose sin is likewise hid
       and covered from his wrath.

 2  And blest is he to whom the Lord
       imputeth not his sin,
    Who in his heart hath hid no guile,
       nor fraud is found therein.

 3  For whilst that I kept close my sin
       in silence and constraint,
    My bones did wear and waste away
       with daily moan and plaint.

 4  Both night and day thy hand on me
       so grievous was and smart,
    My moisture like the summer's heat
       to dryness did convert.

 5  I did therefore confess my faults,
       and all my sins reveal
    Then thou, O Lord, didst me forgive,
       and all my sins conceal

 6  The humble man shall pray therefore,
       and seek thee in due time,
    so that the floods of waters great
       shall have no pow'r on him.

 7  When trouble and adversity
       do compass me about,
    Thou art my refuge and my joy,
       and thou didst rid me out.

 8  Come hither, and I will thee teach
       how thou shalt walk aright;
    I will thee guide, as I myself
       have learned by proof and sight.

 9  Be not so rude and ignorant,
       as is the horse and mule,
    Whose mouth without a rein or bit,
       from harm thou canst not rule.

10  The wicked man shall manifold
       sorrows and grief sustain;
    But unto him that trusts in God
       his goodness shall remain.

11  Be merry therefore in the Lord,
       ye just, lift up your voice;
    And ye of pure and perfect heart,
       with cheerfulness rejoice.    

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