Psalm 108         J.H. (or N.)

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  O God, my heart prepared is,
         my tongue is likewise so:
      I will advance my voice in song,
         that I thy praise may show,
   2  Awake, my viol and my harp,
         sweet melody to make;
      And in the morning I myself
         right early will awake.
   3  By me among the people, Lord,
         still praised shalt thou be,
      And I among the heathen folk
         will praises sing to thee:
   4  Because thy mercy doth ascend
         above the heav'ns most high;.
      Also thy truth doth reach the clouds
         within the lofty sky.
   5  Above the starry heavens high
         exalt thyself, O God,
      Display likewise upon the earth
         thy glory all abroad;
   6  That thy beloved also may
         be set at liberty;
      Help, O my God, with thy right hand,
         and hear me speedily,
   7  God in his holiness hath spoke,
         wherefore my joys abound,
      Sichem I will divide, and mete
         the vale of Succoth's ground,
   8  And Gilead shall be my own,
         Manasses mine shall be;
      My head-strength Ephraim, and law
         shall Judah give to me,
   9  Moab my wash-pot is, my shoe
         o'er Edom I will throw,
      Upon the land of Palestine
         in triumph I will go.
  10  Who to the city strong shall be
         leader and guide to me
      Also by whom to Edom's land
         Conveyčd shall I be.
  11  Is it not thou, O Lord, who late
         hast us forsaken quite?
      And wilt not thou, Lord, also go
         forth with our hosts to fight?
  12  Give us, O Lord, thy saving aid,
         when troubles do assail;
      For all the help of man is vain,
         and can no whit avail.
  13  Through God we shall do valiant acts,
         and worthy of renown;
      He shall subdue our enemies,
         yea, he shall tread them down.

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