Psalm 111         N.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre


   1  With heart I do accord
      to praise and laud the Lord,
         In presence of the just;
      For great his works are found,
      To search them such are bound,
         as do him love and trust,
   2  His works are glorious,
      and righteousness to us,
         It ever doth endure:
      His wondrous works he would
      We still remember should;
         his mercy is full sure.
   3  Such as to him bear love,
      a portion fair below
         He hath up for them laid:
      For this they shall well find,
      He will them have in mind,
      and keep them as he said.
   4  For he did not disdain
      his works to show them plain,
         By lightnings and by thunders:
      When he the heathens' land
      Did give into their hand,
         where they beheld his wonders.
   5  Of all his works ensu'th
      both judgment, right, and truth,
         Whereto his statutes tend:
      They are decrečd sure
      For ever to endure,
         on which we may depend.
   6  Redemption great he gave
      his people for to save,
         It also hath appeared;
      His promise doth hot fail,
      But evermore prevail:
         his holy Name be feared.
   7  Whoso with heart full fain
      true wisdom would attain,
         The Lord fear and obey 
      Such as his laws do keep,
      Shall knowledge have full deep;
         his praise shall last alway.

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