Psalm 112         W.K.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

l.m. 8888.88

   1  The man is blest that God doth fear,
      and that his law doth love indeed;
      His seed on earth God will uprear,
      and bless such as from him proceed!
        His house with riches he will fill,
        his righteousness endure shall still. 
   2  Unto the righteous doth arise
      in trouble joy, in darkness light;
      Compassion great is in his eyes,
      and mercy always in his sight;
        Yea, pity moveth him to lend,
        he doth with judgment things expend, 
   3  And surely he shall never fail,
      for in remembrance had is he;
      Nor tidings ill his mind assail,
      who in the Lord sure hope doth see;
        His heart is firm, his fear is past,
        for he shall see his foes down cast, 
   4  He did well for the poor provide,
      his righteousness doth still remain;
      And his estate with praise abide,
      which wicked men behold with pain;
        Yea, gnash their teeth thereat shall they, 
        and so consume and melt away.

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