Psalm 113         W.K.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

l.m. 888  888 D

   1  Ye children which do serve the Lord,
      praise ye his Name with one accord;
         Yea, bless-ed be alway his Name,
      Who from the rising of the sun,
      Till it return where it begins,
         is to be praisèd with great fame.
      The Lord all people doth surmount
      as for his glory we may count,
         Above the heavens high to be.
      With God the Lord who can compare,
      Whose dwellings in the heavens are?
         of such great pow'r and force is he. 
   2  He doth abase himself we know,
      things to behold on earth below,
         And also in the heav'n above:
      The needy out of dust to draw,
      Also the poor which help none saw;
         his mercy only did him move:
      And so did set him up on high,
      with princes of great dignity,
         That rule his people with great fame.
      The barren he doth make to bear.
      And with great joy her fruit to rear;
         therefore praise ye his holy Name!

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