Psalm 118         N.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre


   1  Give ye thanks to God the Lord,
         for very kind is he;
      Because his mercy doth endure
         to all eternity.
   2  Let Israel confess that his
         mercy doth ever dure,
      Let Aaron's house likewise confess,
         his mercy is most sure.
   3  Let all that fear the Lord our God
         e'en now confess and say,
      The mercy of the Lord our God
         endureth still alway.
   4  In trouble and in heaviness
         unto the Lord I cried,
      Who lovingly heard me at large,
         my suit was not denied.
   5  The Lord himself is on my side,
         I will not stand in doubt,
      Nor fear what man can do to me,
         when God stands me about.
   6  The Lord doth take my part with them
         that help to succor me,
      Therefore I shall see my desire
         upon mine enemy.
   7  Better it is to trust in God,
         than in man's mortal seed;
      Or to put confidence in kings
         or princes in our need.
   8  All nations have enclosèd me,
         and compassed me round;
      But in the Name of God shall I
         my enemies confound.
   9  They kept me in on ev'ry side,
         and did me quite surround;
      But in the Lord's most mighty Name
         I cast them to the ground.
  10  They came about me all like bees,
         but in the Lord's great Name
      I quenched their thorns that were on fire,
         and did destroy the same.
The Second Part,
  11  They did with force thrust sore at me, 
         that I indeed might fall,
      But through the Lord I found such help 
         as did them vanquish all.
  12  The Lord is my defense and strength,
         my joy, my mirth, and song,
      And is become to me indeed
         a Savior great and strong.
  13  The right hand of the Lord our God
         doth bring to pass great things;
      He causes voice of joy and health
         in righteous men's dwellings.
  14  The right hand of the Lord doth bring
         most mighty things to pass;
      His hand hath the pre-eminence,
         his force is as it was.
  15  I shall not die, but ever live
         to utter and declare
      The mighty power of the Lord,
         his works, and what they are.
  16  The Lord himself hath chasten-ed,
         and hath corrected me,
      But not me given over yet
         to death, as you may see.
  17  Set open unto me the gates
         of truth and righteousness,
      That I may enter into them
         his praise for to express.
  18  This is the gate of God the Lord,
         which open shall be set,
     That good and righteous men always
         may enter into it.
The Third Part.
  19  I will give thanks to thee, O Lord,
         and ever will praise thee,
      Who hast me heard, and art become
         a Savior unto me.
  20  The stone which formerly among
         the builders was refused,
      Is now become the corner stone,
         and chiefly to be used.
  21  This was the mighty work of God,
         it was the Lord's own fact;
      And it is wondrous to behold
         that great and noble act.
  22  This is the joyful, day indeed,
         which God himself hath wrought;
      Let us be glad and joy therein
         in heart, in mind, and thought.
  23  Now help us, Lord, and prosper us,
         we wish with one accord;
      Blessèd is he that comes to us
         in the Name of the Lord.
  24  God is the Lord that shows us light,
         bind ye therefore with cord
      Your sacrifice to the altar,
         and give thanks to the Lord.
  25  Thou art my God, I will confess,
         and render thanks to thee;
      Thou art my God, and I will praise
         Thy mercy towards me.
  26  O give ye thanks to God the Lord,
         for very kind is he;
      Because his mercy doth endure
         to all eternity.

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