Psalm 121          W.W.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

(866 886)

   1  I lift my eyes to Zion hill,
         from whence I do attend,
         Till succor God me send:
      the Mighty God me succor will,
         Which heav'n and earth did frame,
         and all things therein name.
   2  Thy foot from slip he will preserve,
         and will thee safely keep;
         For he doth never sleep:
     Lo, he that Israel doth conserve,
        Sleep never can surprise,
        nor slumber close his eyes.
   3  The Lord thy keeper is always,
         On thy right hand is he
         A shade to cover thee:
      The sun shall not thee parch by day
         Nor moon, scarce half so bright,
         with cold thee hurt by night.
   4  The Lord will keep the from distress,
         and will thy life sure save:
         Yea, thou shalt also have
      in all thy business good success;
         When thou go'st in our out
         he'll compass thee about. 

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