Psalm 123       T.S.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  O Thou that in the heav'ns dost dwell,
         I lift my eyes to thee;
      E'en as a servant lifteth his,
         his master's hands to see:
   2  As handmaids watch their mistress' hand,
         some grace for to achieve,
      So we behold the Lord our God,
         till he doth us forgive.
   3  O grant to us compassion, Lord,
         and mercy in thy sight,
      For we are filled and overcome
         with hatred and despite.
   4  Our minds are filled with great rebuke,
         the rich and worldly wise
      Do make of us their mocking stocks,
         the proud do us despise.

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