Psalm 125

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Two versions on this page.
This first one is by W. K., the second one by W.W.


   1  Such as in God the Lord do trust,
      as Zion mount shall firmly stand,
      And be removèd at no hand:
      the Lord will count them right and just,
         So that they shall be sure
         for ever to endure.
   2  As many mountains huge and great
      Jerusalem about do close,
      So will the Lord do unto those
      who on his Godly will do wait:
         Such are to him so dear
         they never need to fear.
   3  For though the righteous try doth he,
      by making wicked men his rod,
      Lest they through grief forsake their God,
      it shall not always their lot be.
         Give, Lord to us thy light
         whose hearts are true and right.
   4  But as for such as turn aside
      by crooked ways which they out sought,
      The Lord will surely bring to naught:
      with workers vile they shall abide;
         But peace with Israel
         for evermore shall dwell.

Another of the same, by W.W.


   1  Those that do place their confidence
      upon the Lord our God only,
      And flee to him for their defense
      in all their need and misery,
      Their faith is sure still to endure
      grounded on Christ the corner-stone;
      Moved with no ill, but standeth still
      steadfast like to the mount Zion.
   2  And as about Jerusalem
      the mighty hills do it compass,
      So that no foes can come to them
      to hurt that to9wn in any case:
      So God indeed in ev'ry need,
      his faithful people doth defend,
      Standing them by assuredly
      from this time forth world without end.
   3  Right wise and good is our Lord God,
      and will not suffer certainly
      The sinner's and ungodly's rod
      to rest upon his family;
      Lest they also from God should stray,
      falling to sin and wicked ness:
      O Lord, defend both night and day
      thy little flock, and with them still bless.
   4  O Lord, do good to Christians all
      that steadfast in thy word abide;
      But such as from the Lord do fall
      and to false doctrine daily slide.
      Them will the Lord scatter abroad,
      with hypocrites thrown down to hell
      God will them send pains without end;
      But, Lord, grant peace to Israel.

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