Psalm 126       W. W.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

4-12's and 2-10's 

   1  When that the Lord again his Zion had forth brought
      From bondage great and also servitude extreme,
      His work was such as did surmount man's heart and thought;
      So that we were much like to them that used to dream:
         Our mouths were all with laughter fill-ed then,
         Also our tongues did show us joyful men.
   2  The heathen folk were forcèd then this to confess,
      How that the Lord for them also great things had done;
      but much more we, and therefore can confess no less;
      Wherefore to joy we have good cause, as we begun
         O Lord, go forth, Thou canst our bondage end,
         Who to deserts does flowing rivers send.
   3  Full true it is, that they which sow in tears indeed,
      A time will come when they shall reap in mirth and joy:
      They went and wept in bearing of their precious seed,
      For that their foes full oftentimes did them annoy;
         But their return they joyfully shall see,
         Their sheaves bring home, and not impairèd be.

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