Psalm 129          N.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Oft they, now Israel may say,
         me from my youth assailed;
      Oft they assailed me from my youth,
         yet never have prevailed.
   2  Upon my back the plowers plowed,
         and furrows long did cast:
      The righteous Lord hath cut the cords
         of wicked men at last.
   3  They that hate me shall be ashamed
         and turnèd back also,
      And made as grass upon the house
         which withers ere it grow:
   4  Whereof the mower cannot find
         enough to fill his hand;
      Nor can he fill his lap that goes
         to glean upon the land:
   5  Nor passers-by pray God on them
         to let his blessing fall;
      Nor say, We bless you in his Name,
         who is Lord over all.

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