Psalm 130          W. W.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Lord, unto thee I make my moan,
         when dangers me oppress;
      I call, I sigh, complain, and groan,
         trusting to find release
   2  Hearken, O Lord, to my request,
         unto my suit incline,
      And let thine ears, O Lord, be pressed
         to hear this prayer of mine
   3  O Lord our God, if thou survey
         our sins, and them peruse,
      Who shall escape? Or who dare say,
         I can myself excuse
   4  But thou art merciful and free,
         and boundless in thy grace,
      That we might always careful be
         to fear before thy face
   5  In God the Lord I put my trust,
         my soul waits on his will;
      His promise is for ever just,
         and I hope therein still
   6  My soul to God hath great regard,
         wishing for him always;
      Much more than they that watch and ward
         to see the dawning day
   7  O Israel, trust in the Lord,
         with him there mercy is,
      And he doth plenteously afford
         redemption unto his.
   8  E'en he it is that Israel shall,
         through his abundant grace,
      Redeem from his offences all,
         and wholly them deface.

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