Psalm 132          N.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Remember David's troubles, Lord,
         how unto thee he swore,
      And vowed a vow to Jacob's God,
         to keep for evermore;
   2  I will not come within my house,
         nor climb up to my bed,
      Nor let my temples take their rest,
         nor eyes within my head;
   3  Till I have found out for the Lord
         a place to sit thereon,
      An house for Jacob's God to be
         an habitation.
   4  We heard of it at Ephrata,
         where did we hear this sound,
      and in the fields and forests there
         these voices first were found:
   5  We will assay and go unto
         his tabernacle there,
      Before his footstool to fall down,
         and worship him in fear.
   6  Arise, O Lord, arise, I pray,
         into thy resting place,
      Thou and the ark of thy great strength,
         the presence of thy grace.
   7  Let all thy priests be cloth-ed, Lord,
         with truth and righteousness,
      Let all thy saints with songs of praise
         their joyfullness express.
   8  And for thy servant David's sake
         refuse not, Lord, I pray,
      The face of thy Annointed, and
         turn not from him away.
The Second Part 
   9  The Lord to David sware in truth,
         and will not shrink from it;
      The fruit which from thy loins proceed
         upon thy seat shall sit: 
  10  And if thy sons my laws will keep,
         that I shall learn each one,
      Then shall their sons for ever sit
         upon thy princely throne.
  11  The Lord himself hath Zion chose,
         and loves therein to dwell,
      Saying, This is my resting place,
         I love and like it well; 
  12  And I will bless with great increase
         her victuals every where,
      And also satisfy with bread
         the needy that be there.
  13  With my salvation I will clothe
         her priests for evermore,
      And all her saints likewise shall sing
         and shout for joy therefore. 
  14  There will I surely make the horn
         of David for to bud;
      For there I have ordained for him
         a lantern bright and good.
  15  As for his foes, I will them clothe
         with shame for evermore;
      But I will cause his crown to shine
         more fresh than heretofore.

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