Psalm 135          N.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  O Praise the Lord, praise ye his Name,
         praise him with one accord;
      O praise him still, all ye that be
         the servants of the Lord.
   2  O praise him, ye that stand and be
         in the house of the Lord;
      Ye of his court and of his house,
         praise him with one accord.
   3  Praise ye the Lord, for he is good,
         sing praises to his Name;
      It is a good and pleasant thing
         always to do the same.
   4  For why? the Lord hath Jacob chose
         his very own ye see;
      So hath he chosen Israel
         his treasure for to be.
   5  For this I know and am right sure
         the Lord is very great;
      He is indeed above all gods,
         most easy to entreat.
   6  For whatsoever pleas-ed him,
         all that full well he wrought
      In heav'n, in earth, and in the sea,
         which he hath made of naught.
   7  He lifts the clouds above the earth,
         he lightnings makes and rain;
      He bringeth forth the winds also,
         and nothing made in vain.
   8  He smote the first, born of each thing
         in Egypt that took rest;
      He spared there no thing living,
         the man, nor yet the beast.
   9  He did likewise show wonders great
         on their inhabitants,
      Upon king Pharaoh, and also
         on his severe servants.
  10  He smote then many nations, and
         did great and wondrous things;
      He likewise slew the mightiest
         and chiefest of their king.

  11  Sehon king of the Amorites,
         and Og king of Basan;
      He slew also the kingdoms all
         that were of Canaan;
  12  And gave their land to Israel
         an heritage to be,
      To Israel his people, and
         to their posterity.
The Second Part.
  13  Thy Name shall still endure, and thy
         memorial likewise,
      Throughout all generations that
         are now, or shall arise.
  14  The Lord most surely will avenge
         his people all with speed,
      And to his servants he will show
         favor in time of need.
  15  The idols of the heathen which
         are in the coasts and lands,
      Of silver and of gold they be,
         the work e'en of men's hands.
  16  They have their mouths, but cannot speak,
         and eyes that have no sight;
      And they have ears, but nothing hear
         their mouths are breathless quite.
  17  Wherefore all they are like to them
         that so do set them forth,
      And likewise those that in them trust,
         Or think they be ought worth.
  18  O all ye house of Israel,
         see that ye praise the Lord;
      And ye that be of Aaron's house,
         praise him with one accord.
  19  And ye that be of Levi's house,
         praise ye likewise the Lord:
      All ye that stand in awe of him,
         praise him with one accord.
  20  And out of Zion sound his praise,
         the great praise of the Lord,
      Who dwelleth in Jerusalem,
         praise him with one accord.

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