Psalm 137          W.W.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre


   1  When we did sit in Babylon
         the rivers round about,
      Then in remembrance of Zion
         the tears for grief burst out.
   2  We hanged our harps and instruments
         the willow trees upon:
      For in that place men for their use
         had planted many one.
   3  Then they to whom we pris'ners were
         said to us tauntingly,
      Now let us hear your Hebrew songs
         and pleasant melody.
   4  Alas! said we, who can once frame
         his heavy heart to sing
      The praises of our living God,
         thus under a strange king?
   5  But yet if I Jerusalem
         out of my heart let slide;
      Then let my fingers quite forget
         the warbling harp to guide:
   6  And let my tongue within my mouth
         be tied for ever fast,
      If I rejoice before I see
         thy full deliv'rance past.
   7  Therefore, O Lord, remember now
         the curs-ed noise and cry
      That Edom's sons against us made,
         when they razed our city.
   8  Remember, Lord, their cruel words,
         when with a mighty sound
      They cried; Down. yea, down with it
         unto the very ground.
   9  E'en so shalt thou, O Babylon,
         at length to dust be brought;
      And happy shall that man be called,
         that our revenge hath wrought:
  10  Yea, bless-ed shall that man be called,
         that takes thy little ones,
      And dasheth them in pieces small
         against the very stones.

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