Psalm 138          N.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre


   1  Thee will I praise with my whole heart,
         my Lord my God always;
      E'en in the presence of the gods
         I will advance thy praise.
   2  Towards thy holy temple I
         will look and worship thee;
      And praisèd in my thankful mouth
         thy holy Name shall be;
   3  E'en for thy loving-kindness' sake,
         and for thy truth withal:
      For thou thy Name hast by thy word
         Advancèd over all.
   4  When I did call, thou heardest me,
         and thou hast made also
      The power of increasèd strength
         within my soul to grow.
   5  Yea, all the kings on earth shall give
         praise unto thee, O Lord:
      For they of thy most holy mouth
         have heard the mighty word.
   6  They of the ways of God the Lord
         in singing shall repeat;
      Because the glory of the Lord
         is so exceeding great.
   7  The Lord is high, but yet he doth
         the lowly man respect;
      The proud he knows far off, and them
         with scorn he doth reject.
   8  Although in midst of trouble I
         do walk, yet shall I stand
      Revived by thee; for thou, O Lord,
         wilt stretch out thy right hand.
   9  Upon the wrath of all my foes,
         and savèd shall I be
      By thy right hand: the Lord God will
         perform his work to me.
  10  Thy mercies last for evermore,
         Lord, do me not forsake;
      Forsake me not, who am the work
         which thy own hand did make.

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