Psalm 35       J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Lord, plead my cause against my foes,
         confound their force and might,
      And take my part against all those
         that seek with me to fight.
   2  Lay bold upon the spear and shield,
         thyself in armor dress;
      Stand up with me to fight the field,
         and help me from distress
   3  Gird on thy sword, and stop the way,
          my enemies withstand;
      That thou unto my soul may'st say,
         I am thy help at hand
   4  Confound them with rebuke and blame,
         that seek my soul to spill;
      Let them turn back and flee with shame,
         that think to work me ill
   5  Let them disperse and flee abroad,
         as wind doth drive the dust;
      That so the angel of our God
         their might away may thrust
   6  Let all their ways be void of light,
         and slipp'ry, like to fall;
      And send thy angel with thy might
         to persecute them all
   7  For why? Without my fault have they
         in secret set their gin,
      And digged a pit in my path-way,
         to take my soul therein
   8  When they think least, and have no care,
         O Lord, destroy them all;
      Let them be caught in their own snare,
         and in their mischief fall
   9  But let my soul, my heart, and voice,
         in God have joy and wealth;
      That in the Lord I may rejoice,
         and in his saving health
  10  Then all my bones shall speak and say,
         (my parts shall all agree)
      O thou great God of heav'n and earth,
         what man is like to thee!
          The Second Part
  11  Thou dost defend the weak from them
         that are both stout and strong
      And rid the poor from wicked men,
         that spoil and do them wrong
  12  My cruel foes against me rise,
         to witness things untrue;
      And to accuse me they devise
         of things I never knew
  13  Where I to them did show good will,
         they quit me with disdain;
      That they should pay my good with ill,
         my soul doth sore complain
  14  When they were sick I mourned therefore,
         myself in sackcloth clad,
      With fasting I did faint full sore,
         and prayed with heart most sad
  15  As they had been my brethren dear,
         I did myself behave
      As one that mourneth heavily
         about his mother's grave
  16  But they in my adversity
         did gather in a rout;
      Yea, abject slaves reproachfully
         at me did mock and flout.
  17  The belly-gods and flatt'ring train,
         that all good things deride,
      At me did grin with great disdain,
         turning their mouths aside
  18  Lord, when wilt thou for me appear?
         Why dost thou stay and pause/
      O rid my soul, my darling dear,
         out of these lions' claws
  19  And when will I give thanks to thee
         before the church always;
      And where most of the people be,
         there will I show thy praise
  20  Nor let my foes prevail on me,
         which hate me for no fault;
      Neither let them wink with their eyes,
         that causeless me assault
          The Third Part
  21  Of peace no word they think or say,
         their talk is all untrue;
      They still consult how to betray
         all those that peace pursue
  22  With open mouth they run at me,
         their fury is like fire:
      Well, well, say they, our eye doth see
         the thing that we desire
  23  But, Lord, thou seest what ways they take,
         and what they do intend;
      Be not far off, nor me forsake,
         but speedy help me send
  24  Awake, arise, and stir abroad,
         defend me in my right:
      Revenge my cause, O Lord my God,
         and aid me with thy might
  25  According to thy righteousness<
         O Lord God, set me free;
      And let them not their price express,
         nor triumph over me
  26  Let not their hearts rejoice nor cry,
         E'en so we would it have;
      Nor give them cause to say on high,
         He's sunk into the grave
  27  Confound them all that do rejoice,
         when they my trouble see;
      Let them be clothed with rebuke,
         that boast with scorn at me
  28  But let them heartily rejoice,
         who love my upright way;
      Let them all times with heart and voice
         still praise the Lord and sa
  29  Great is the Lord, and doth excel,
         and he doth much delight
      To see his servants prosper well,
         it is his pleasant sight
  30  Wherefore my tongue I will apply,
         thy righteousness to praise:
      To thee, O Lord my God, will I
         give laud and thanks always.

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