Psalm 36       J. H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  The wicked, by his works unjust,
         doth thus persuade my heart,
      That in the Lord he hath no trust;
         his fear is set apart.
   2  Yet doth he joy in his estate,
         to walk as he began,
      So long till he deserves the hate
         of God as well as man.
   3  His words are wicked, vile, and naught,
         his tongue no truth doth tell;
      Yet at no hand will he be taught
         which way he may do well.
   4  When he should sleep, then doth he muse
         his mischiefs to fulfill;
      No wicked way doth he refuse,
         nor any thing that's ill.
   5  But, Lord, thy goodness doth ascend
         above the heav'ns most high;
      So doth thy truth itself extend
         unto the cloudy sky.
   6  Much more than hills both high and steep,
         thy justice is expressed;
      Thy judgments like the seas most deep:
         thou sav'st both man and beast.
   7  Thy mercy is above all things,
         O God, it doth excel;
      In trust whereof, as in thy wings,
         the sons of men shall dwell.
   8  Within thy house they shall be fed
         with plenty at their will,
      Of all delights they shall be sped,
         and take thereof their fill:
   9  Because the well of life most pure
         doth ever flow from thee,
      And in thy light we are full sure
         eternal light to see.
  10  From such as thee desire to know
         let not thy grace depart:
      Thy righteousness declare and show
         to men of upright heart.
  11  Let not the proud on me prevail
         O Lord, of thy good grace;
      Nor let the wicked me assail
         to throw me out of place.
  12  But they in their device shall fall,
         that wicked works maintain;
      They shall be certainly cast down,
         and never rise again.

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