Psalm 38       J. H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Put me not to rebuke, O Lord,
         in thy provokèd ire;
      And in thy wrath correct me not,
         I humbly thee desire.
   2  Thy arrows do stick fast in me,
         thy hand doth press me sore;
      And in my flesh no health at all
         appeareth any more.
   3  And all this is by reason of
         thy wrath that I am in;
      Not any rest is in my bones
         by reason of my sin.
   4  For lo, my wicked doings, Lord,
         above my head are gone;
      A greater load than I can bear,
         they lie me sore upon.
   5  My wounds do stink, and are corrupt,
         and loathsome are to see;
      Which all through my own foolishness
         doth happen unto me.
   6  And I in careful wise am brought
         into such great distress,
      That I go wailing all the day
         in doleful heaviness.
   7  My loins are filled with sore disease,
         my flesh hath no whole part;
      I feeble am, and broken sore,
         and roar for grief of heart.
   8  Thou know'st, Lord, my desire, my groans
         are open in thy sight;
      My heart doth pant, my strength doth fail,
         my eyes have lost their light.
   9  My lovers and my wonted friends
         stand looking on my woe;
      My kinsmen they do far away 
         from me depart also.
  10  They that do seek my life lay snares,
         and they that go the way
      To do me hurt, speak lies, and think
         on mischief all the day.
   The Second Part
  11  But as a deaf man I became,
         that cannot hear at all;
      And as one dumb, that opens not
         his mouth to speak withal.
  12  For all my confidence, O Lord,
         I wholly place in thee;
      Therefore, O Lord, who art my God,
         do thou give ear to me.
  13  This do I crave, that they my foes
         triumph not over me;
      For when my foot doth slip, then they
         rejoice my fall to see.
  14  And I am ready for to halt,
         I cannot stand upright;
      Also my grievous heaviness
         is ever in my sight.
  15  For while that I my wickedness
         in humble wise confess,
      And while I for my sinful deeds
         my sorrows do express,
  16  My foes do still remain alive,
         and mighty are, I know;
      And they that hate me wrongfully,
         in number largely grow.
  17  They stand against me, that my good
         with evil do repay;
      Because that good and honest things
         I do pursue always.
  18  Forsake me not, O Lord my God,
         be thou not far away;
      Make haste to help me, O my God,
         my safety and my stay.

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