Psalm 40       J. H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  I waited long and sought the Lord,
         and patiently did bear;
      At length he did to me accord
         my voice and cry to hear.
   2  He brought me from the dreadful pit,
         out of the mire and clay:
      Upon a rock he set my feet,
         and he did guide my way.
   3  To me he taught a psalm of praise,
         which I must shew abroad,
      And sing new songs of thanks always
         unto the Lord our God.
   4  When all the folk these things shall see,
         as people much afraid,
      Then they unto the Lord will flee,
         and trust upon his aid.
   5  Blessèd is he whose hope and heart
         doth in the Lord remain,
      That with the proud doth take no part,
         nor such as lies maintain.
   6  For, Lord my God, thy wond'rous deeds
         in greatness far do pass:
      Thy favor to-wards us exceeds
         all things that ever was.
   7  When I intend and do devise
         thy works abroad to show,
      To such a reck'ning they do rise,
         thereof no end I know.
   8  Burnt off'rings thou delight'st not in,
         I know thy whole desire;
      With sacrifice to purge his sin,
         thou dost no man require.
   9  Meat offerings and sacrifice
         thou would'st not have at all;
      But thou, O Lord, hast open made
         my ears to hear withal.
  10  But then, said I, behold, and look,
         I come with heart most free;
      For in the volume of the book
         Thus it is said of me;
  11  That I, O God, should do thy mind
         which thing doth please me well;
      For in my heart thy law I find
         fast placèd there to dwell.
  12  Thy righteousness and justice I
         in great assemblies tell;
      Behold, my tongue no time doth cease,
         O Lord, thou knowest well.
  The Second Part
  13  I have not hid within my breast
         thy goodness as by stealth;
      But I declare and have expressed
         thy truth and saving health.
  14  I kept not close thy loving mind,
         that no man it should know;
      The trust that in thy truth I find,
         to all the church I show.
  15  Thy tender mercy, Lord, for me
         withdraw thou not away;
      But let thy love and verity
         preserve me night and day.
  16  For I with many troubles am
         encompassèd about
      My sins so greatly do increase,
         I cannot spy them out.
  17  For why? In number they exceed
         the hairs upon my head;
      My heart doth faint for very fear,
         that I am almost dead.
  18  With speed send help, and set me free,
         O Lord, I thee require;
      Make haste with aid to succor me,
         O Lord, at my desire.
  19  Confound them with rebuke and shame,
         that seek my soul to spill;
      Drive back my foes, and them defame
         that wish me any ill.
  20  For their ill feats do them descry,
         that would deface my name;
      Always at me they  rail and cry,
         "Fie on him, fie for shame."
  21  Let them in thee have joy and wealth,
         that seek to thee always;
      That those that love thy saving health
         may say, To God be praise!
  22  But as for me, I am but poor,
         oppressed, and brought full low;
      Yet thou, O Lord, wilt me restore
         to health full well I know.
  23  For why? Thou art my hope and trust,
         my refuge, help and stay;
      Wherefore, my God, as thou art just,
         with me no time delay.

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