Psalm 41       T. S.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  The man is blest that doth provide
         for such as needy be;
      For in the season perilous
         the Lord will set him free;
   2  And he will keep him safe, and make
         him happy in the land,
      And not deliver him into
         his enemy's strong hand.
   3  And from his bed of languishing
         the Lord will him restore;
      For thou, O Lord, wilt turn to health
         his sickness and his sore.
   4  Then in my sickness thus said I,
         Have mercy, Lord, on me;
      And heal my soul, which grievèd is
         that I offended thee.
   5  My foes did wish me ill in heart,
         and thus of me did say,
      When shall he die, that so his name
         may perish quite away?
   6  And when they come to visit me,
         then ask if I do well;
      But in their hearts they mischief hatch,
         and then abroad it tell.
   7  All they that hate me do conspire
         against me craftily,
      And still devise how to procure
         my hurt and misery.
   8  Some grievous sin hath brought him to
         this sickness, say they plain;
      He is so low, that without doubt
         he cannot rise again.
   9  The man also that I did trust,
         with me did use deceit;
      Who at my table did eat bread,
         the same for me laid wait.
  10  Have mercy, Lord, on me therefore,
         and let me be preserved,
      That I may render unto them
         the things they have deserved.
  11  By this I know assuredly
         I am beloved of thee;
      Because my foes no power have
         to triumph over me.
  12  But in my right thou hast me kept,
         and it maintainèd well;
      And in thy presence place assigned
         where I shall ever dwell.
  13  The Lord, the God of Israel,
         be praisèd evermore;
      E'en so be it, Lord, will I say;
         praise ye the Lord therefore.

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