Psalm 48          J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Great is the Lord, and with great praise 
         to be advancèd still
      Within the city of our God,
         upon his holy hill.
   2  Mount Zion is a pleasant place,
         it gladd'neth all the land;
      The city of the mighty King
         on her north-side doth stand:
   3  Within the palaces thereof
         God is a refuge known;
      For lo, the kings are gathered, and
         together they are gone:
   4  But when they did behold it so,
         they wondered, and they were
      Astonished much, and suddenly
         were driven back with fear;
   5  Great terror there on them did fall,
         for grief of heart they cry,
      As doth a woman when she shall
         go travail speedily,
   6  As thou with eastern winds the ships
         upon tile sea dost break,
      They were destroyed, and e'en as we
         have heard oar fathers speak.
   7  So in the city of the Lord
         we saw as it was told;
      Yea, in the city which our God
         for ever will uphold.
   8  O Lord, we wait, and do depend
         on thy good help and grace:
      For which we do all times attend
         within thy holy place.
   9  O Lord, according to thy Name
         for ever is thy praise,
      And thy right hand, O Lord, is full
         of righteousness always.
  10  For thy judgments let Zion mount
         be fillèd full with joys,
      Also of Judah grant, O Lord,
         the daughters to rejoice;
  11  Go, walk about all Zion hill,
         yea, round about her go,
      And tell the towers that thereon
         are builded on a row;
  12  And mark ye well her bulwarks all;
         behold her towers there,
      That ye may tell thereof to them
         that after shall be here.
  13  For this most mighty God, our God
         for evermore is he,
      And unto death we are resolved
         our guide he still shall be.

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