Psalm 53          T.S.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  The foolish man within his heart
         blasphemously, hath said,
      There is not any God at all,
         why should we be afraid?
   2  They are corrupt, and they also
         a heinous work have wrought,
      Among them all there is not one
         of good that worketh ought.
   3  The Lord looked down from heav'n upon 
         the sons of men below,
      To see if any were that sought
         the living God to know.
   4  Out of the way they all are gone,
         they all corrupted are;
      There is not any that doth good,
         not one for God doth care.
   5  Do not all wicked workers know,
         that they do feed upon
      My people as they feed on bread?
         The Lord they call not on.
   6  E'en there they were afraid, and stood
         with trembling all dismayed.
      When as there was no cause at all
         why they should he afraid.
   7  For God his bones that thee besieged
         hath scattered all abroad,
      He hath confounded them, for they
         rejected are of God.
   8  O Lord, give to thy people health,
         and thou, O Lord, fulfill
      Thy promise made to Israel
         from out of Zion hill.
   9  When God his People shall restore
         that once were captive led,
      Then Jacob shall rejoice therein,
         and Israel be glad.

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