Psalm 56          J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Have mercy, Lord, on me, I pray,
         for man would me devour;
      He fighteth with me day by day,
         and troubleth me each hour. 
   2  My foes do daily enterprise
         to swallow me outright;
      To fight against me many rise,
         O thou Most High of might.
   3  When they would make me sore afraid
         with boasts and brags of pride,
      I trust in thee alone for aid,
         by thee 1 will abide.
   4  God's promise I do mind and praise,
        O Lord, I stick to thee;
      I do not care at all essays
         what flesh can do to me.
   5  What things I either did or spake,
         they wrest them at their will;
      And all the counsel that they take
         is how to work me ill:
   6  They all consent themselves to hide,
         close watch for me to lay;
      They spy my paths, and snares have tried
         to take my life away.
   7  Shall they escape, on mischief set
         thou, God, on them wilt frown;
      For in thy wrath thou dost not let
         to throw whole kingdoms down.
   8  Thou seest how oft they made me flee,
         and on my tears dost look;
      Reserve them in a glass by thee,
         and write them in thy book.
   9  When I do call upon thy Name,
         my foes away do start;
      I well perceive it by the same
         that God doth take my part.
  10  I glory in the word of God,
         to praise it I accord,
      With joy I will declare abroad
         the promise of the Lord.
  11  I trust in God the Lord, and say,
         as I before began,
      The Lord he is my help and stay,
         I do not care for man.
  12  I will perform with heart most free
         my vows to God always,
      And I, O Lord, all times to thee
         will offer, thanks and praise.
  13  My soul from death thou dost defend,
         and keepst my feet upright;
      That I before thee may ascend
         with such as live in light.

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