Psalm 57          J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Take pity for thy promise sake,
         have mercy, Lord, on me.
      Because my soul doth her betake
         unto the help of thee:
   2  Within the shadow of thy wings
         I set myself full fast,
      Till mischief, malice, and like things
         be gone and overpast.
   3  I call unto the God most high,
         to whom I stick and stand,
      I mean the God that will stand by
         the cause I have in hand,
   4  For he from heav'n hath sent his aid,
         to save me from their spite,
      That to devour me have essayed,
         e'en mercy, truth, and might.
   5  I lead my life with lions fell,
         all set on wrath and ire;
      And with such wicked men I dwell,
         who fret like flames of fire:
   6  Their teeth are spears and arrows long,
         as sharp as I have seen,
      They wound and cut with their quick tongue, 
         like swords and weapons keen.
   7  Set up, and thyself, O 'God,
         above the heav'ns most bright,
      exalt thy praise on earth abroad,
         thy majesty and might.
   8  They had their net, and did prepare
         a privy cave and pit,
      Wherein they thought my Soul to snare,
         but are fallen into it.
   9  My heart is set to praise the Lord,
         in him to joy always;
      My heart doth ever well accord
         to sing his laud and praise.
  10  Awake, my joy, awake, I say,
         my lute, my harp, and string;
      And I myself before the day
         will rise, rejoice, and sing.
  11  Among the people I will tell
         the goodness of my God,
      And show his praise that doth excel,
         in heathen lands abroad.
  12  His mercy doth extend as far
         as heavens all are high,
      His truth as high as any star
         that shineth in the sky.
  13  Set forth and show thyseff, O God,
         above the heav'ns most bright,
      Exalt thyself on each abroad,
         thy majesty and might.

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