Psalm 58          J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Ye rulers, that are put in trust
         to judge of wrong and right,
      Be all your judgments true and just,
         regarding no man's might.
   2  Nay, in your hearts ye daily muse
         in mischief to consent;
      And where ye should true justice use,
         Your hands to bribes are bent.
   3  The wicked sort from their birth-day
         have erred on this wise,
      And from their mother's womb alway
         have used craft and lies.
   4  In them the poison and the breath
         of serpents doth appear;
      Yea, like the adder that is deaf
         and fast doth stop her ear;
   5  Because she will not hear the voice
         of one that charmeth well;
      No, though he were the chief of choice,
         and therein did excel.
   6  The teeth O Lord, which fast are set
         in their mouth round about,
      The lions' teeth that are so great,
         do thou, O Lord, break out.
   7  Let them consume away and waste,
         as water runs forth right;
      The shafts that they do shoot in haste,
         let them be broke in flight:
   8  As snails do waste within the shell,
         and unto slime do run,
      As one before his time that fell,
         and never saw the sun.
   9  Before the thorns that now are young
         to bushes big shall grow,
      Thy storms of anger waxing strong
         shall take them ere they know.
  10  The just shall joy, it doth them good 
         that God doth vengeance take;
      And they shall wash their feet in blood 
         of them that him forsake.
  11  Then shall the world shew forth and tell
         that good men have reward,
      And that a God on earth doth dwell,
         Who justice doth regard.  

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