Psalm 60          J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  O Lord, thou didst us clean ,forsake,
         and scatter us abroad,
      Such great displeasure thou didst take;
         return to us, O God.
   2  Thy might did move the laud so sore,
         that it in sunder brake;
      The health thereof, O Lord, restore,
         for it doth bow and quake.
   3  With heavy things thou plaguest thus
         the people that are thine,
      And thou' hast given unto us
         a drink of deadly wine.
   4  But yet to such as fear thy Name
         a banner thou dost shew,
      That they may triumph in the same,
         because thy word is true.
   5  So that thy might may keep and save
         the folk that serveth thee,
      That they thy help at hand may have;
         O Lord, grant this to me.
   6  The Lord did speak from his own place,
         this was his joyful sound,
      I will divide Sichem by pace,
         and mete out Succoth's ground!
   7  Gilead is given to my hand,
         Manasseh's mine beside.
      Ephraim's the strength of all my land,
         my law doth Judah guide:
   8  In Moab I will wash my feet,
         o'er Edom cast my shoe;
      And thou, Philistia, ought'st to seek
         to me for favor too.
   9  But who will bring me at this tide
         unto the city strong?
      Or who to Edom will me guide,
         so that I go not wrong?
  10  Lord, wilt not thou, who didst forsake
         thy folk, their land, and coasts;
      Our wars in hand thou would'st not take,
         nor-go forth with our hosts.
  11  Give aid, O Lord, and us relieve
         from them that us disdain;
      The help that hosts of men can give
         is all but weak and vain.
  12  But through our God we shall have might
         to take great things in hand;
      He will tread down, and put to flight
         All those-that us withstand.

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