Psalm 61       J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre


   1  Regard, O Lord, for I complain,
         and make my suit to thee;
      Let not my words return in vain,
         but give an ear to me.
   2  From out the coasts and utmost parts
         of all the earth I cry,
      In grief and anguish of my heart,
         to thee, O God, most high.
   3  Upon the rock of thy great pow'r
         my woeful mind repose;
      Thou art my hope, my fort, and tow'r,
         my fence against my foes.
   4  Within thy tent I long to dwell,
         there ever to abide;
      Under thy wings I know right well
         I shall me safely hide.
   5  The Lord doth my desire regard,
         and doth fulfil the same;
      With riches great will he reward
         all those that fear his Name.
   6  The king shall he in health maintain
         and so prolong his days,
      That he from age to age may reign
         with honor great always;
   7  That he may have a dwelling place
         before the Lord alway;
      O let thy mercy, truth, and grace,
          defend them from decay:
   8  And then, O Lord, I ever will
         sing praise unto thy Name,
      That all my vows I may fulfill,
         and daily pay the same.

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