Psalm 62       J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre


   1  My soul to God shall give good heed,
         and him alone attend;
      Because my health and hope to speed 
         doth whole on him depend.
   2  For he alone is my defense,
         my rock, my health, and aid;
      He is my stay, and no pretence
         shall make me much dismayed.
   3  O wicked folk! how long will ye
         use craft ? sure ye must fall;
      For as a rotten hedge ye be,
         and like a tott'ring wall.
   4  Whom God doth love, ye seek always
         to put him to the worse;
      Ye love to lie, with mouth ye praise,
         and yet your heart doth curse.
   5  Yet still my soul doth whole depend
         on God my chief desire;
      From all ill feats me to defend,
         I none but him require.
   6  He is my rock, my fort, and tow'r,
         my health is of his grace;
      He doth support me that no pow'r
         can move me out of place.
   7  My glory and salvation doth
         on him alone depend;
      He is my strength, my stay, my wealth,
         and still doth me defend.
   8  O put your trust in him alway,
         ye folk, with one accord;
      Pour out your hearts to him, and say,
         Our trust is in the Lord.
   9  The sons of men deceitful are,
         on balance but a sleight,
      With things most vain do them compare,
         for they can hold no weight.
  10  Trust not in wrong and robbery,
         let vain delights be gone;
      Though riches flow in suddenly,
         set not your hearts thereon,
  11  The Lord long since one thing did tell, 
         which here to mind I call;
      He spake it oft, I heard it well,
         that he alone doth all:
  12  And that thou, Lord, art good and kind, 
         thy mercy doth exceed;
      So that all sorts with thee shall find
         according to their deed.

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